Are you an artist looking for a way to support your artistic production and to see it complete and successful?

PROMiS Media is the best solution for you to fund and complete your artistic production.

With an experienced team of photographers, cameramen, directors, advertisers, costume designers, make up artists and our technicians, we can create a unique artistic production.

Theater, cinema, dance, visual arts, music, individual projects, bazaars and all kinds of productions and events, find their way to the public!

With the financial support from our company, with crowdfunding campaigns and funding by private organizations and co-productions, your production can come true!

PROMiS Media supports all forms of art and treats every artistic expression with respect. For every kind of art, there is the right audience to be interested in.

We’d love to work together and give life your productions in a way that you couldn’t even dream that would exist.

We are here. Get to know us. Trust us.