PROMiS Media is more than a company. It is a team. A great team with experience, imagination, creativity and enthusiasm, with people who are dedicated to each project as if it is their own.

We know the importance of communication in an event.

Theater, music, cinema, arts, book presentations, exhibitions, dance events, festivals, parties and events in shops require quality branding and proper promotion.

Press Office, sponsorships, public relations, advertising, financial sponsorships, innovative promotional ideas, photographs, videos and radio spots, is the “alpha” and “omega” of success, after the main content of the event.

There is NO “small” or “big” production. There are simply different needs, objectives and capabilities. In PROMiS, we know that. Working with dozens of theater groups, with emerging artists, local and international festivals, and with laboratories from all over Greece and abroad, we promote all kinds of events and international productions annually. NO, there is no need to spend a fortune to advertise your event. There are many clever ways that meet the needs of each production.

Our aim was, is and will be the multifaceted and comprehensive promotion of an event, with every possible means to convince the public that it deserves to be chosen among thousands of other activities and events, by viewing and also spending time and money on it.

Therefore, it is not enough simply to show something. Make any event stand out. We let people spread the word mouth-to-mouth and leave a strong mark.

For this reason, we make sure to use modern methods and media techniques, with campaigns for each possible target audience. Video, audio, internet, emails, sms, printed, promo event material, press kits, secondary events (with special events that promote the upcoming event) and many other imaginative strategies.

With our long-term partnership with the biggest media all over the world, while having in our possession our own media (web radios, websites, web tv’s, portals), with hundreds of thousands of users and members, we are able to promote any kind of event effectively and with low cost.

In PROMiS Media, the result is guaranteed. PROMiS Media is the only company that provides written guarantee, punctuality and refund.

At the end of production, we deliver you a Publicity book: a file (in e-mail or cd) with all the publicity that project received throughout the promotion from PROMiS.

We’d love to work together and promote your production in a way that you could’t even dream that would exist.

We are here. Get to know us. Trust us.