Every day, thousands of new websites are created in the Internet. Many of them are new competitors who want the same thing as you: sales and advertising on the Internet. And of course, they aim at the same audience as you do!

Giants like Amazon and eBay, spend millions on Internet Marketing annually. The result is obvious: SALES, SALES, SALES!

So should a smaller company compare to them? Of course not! BUT all companies MUST understand the power of Internet marketing and it’s huge importance in the markets nowadays. So far, “advertising on the internet” is rewarding.

Do you need to spend a fortune for Internet Marketing campaigns; NO! The rule is simple: pay 1 to earn more. Any amount spent, take it back multiplied. Based on your needs and capabilities.

Have you ever wondered, why since there are millions of websites worldwide, some achieve their purpose and others don’t?

Initially, we must understand that an online presence, is not in any way a means that automatically and magically makes people visit your website.

Similar to physical stores. Being “there” as a business, does not guarantee the presence of customers and sales.

So to convince some people to initially visit a website and then become customers, some specific procedures are necessary.

In PROMiS Media, we strictly follow a specific methodology and marketing strategy to effectively increase the traffic and revenue of a website.

No wonder why hundreds of companies of all business categories, such as tourism, insurance, finance, health, eshops, beauty, dining and many more, trust us for many years for their online presence and advertising, with strong and steady results.

What is the procedure for a successful Internet Marketing plan?

1. Market Research & Consulting
Of the most important procedures before the launch of a campaign, is the market research. It is essentially the knowledge of the whole market in which we address the best approaches and variations per time or period, taking into account all the socio-economic conditions of the country. It requires specialized Marketing Specialists and is the basis of our cooperation with each company.

2. Increase Traffic & Interactions
Once the market research has been completed and there is already an active website, the next step is to gradually increase traffic, so visitors get to know the site and consequently the business itself.

Approximation techniques vary and typically include:
• Search Engine Optimization for Google (SEO)
• Advertising on Google & major search engines
• Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and others)
• Email marketing
• Video Marketing
• Affiliate marketing
• Content Marketing

The choice is always made in consultation with the company and in the meanwhile, you will be getting detailed campaign and marketing reports.

3. Turning visitors into customers
Once the website traffic has reached satisfactory levels, the next phase is to make the visitors become active customers. This means that guests are no longer just interested to visit the page, but also to buy from it (unless the target is not based on sales). Increasing conversions is also based on the gradual improvement of the website quality and traffic. The more visitors, the more potential customers.

This is accomplished through:
• The improvement of the advertising campaign
• The Conversion Rate Optimization (Increase the customer conversion of visitors)
• The Reputation Management with special control of feedback by customers
• The improvement of the overall marketing strategy (including advertising except Internet)

4. Increase sales from existing (returning) customers
Selling to existing customers is clearly easier than reaching new potential customers. It is an audience knows who you are, what you sell, and already have a contact with you. Therefore, they are likely to prefer you instead of your competitors, with the right approach.

In this context we recommend a combination of marketing techniques including:
• Social Media & Internet Marketing
• Email marketing
• Community Building
• Combined promotion with other offline campaigns

If you also want to take advantage of the great power of social networks, contact us for a free counseling session and to receive a quote.

Specific solutions, high standards of service and low prices for advertising, are the values of PROMiS Media and introduce us as a reliable solution for traders and market professionals.

We’d love to work together and promote your business in a way that you couldn’t even dream that would exist.

We are here. Get to know us. Trust us.