PROMiS Media specializes in Marketing, IT Technologies, Mobile devices sales and Internet services since 2003.

Our company provides superior services, 24-hour support with qualified staff and is the ultimate consultant and supplier for Computers, Phones and Internet services for professional and private use.

Find New or Refurbished products, with Warranty and prompt delivery, at extremely low prices, for:

  • Your personal office
  • Your shop or your company
  • The control of the production, distribution and quality control of your products through applications, online or offline
  • Digital telephony via VoIP
  • Entertainment and fun, with games and “surfing” on the Internet
  • Editing and playback of your movies and photo video
  • Playing music
  • Games via internet, chatting, e-mail, personal websites, etc.
  • Student use for reading, assignments, exams etc.
  • Strictly professional use for processing images, video and text in high quality


In PROMiS Media, you will find REALLY special products for your needs, and people willing to help you choose the best ones, from the wide range of choices available.

Our stock is constantly updated with new products. If you wish to obtain a product that is not on our lists, please inform us in order to make a custom order, with the products interest you, at the best price possible in the market.

Our prices are low because of the special agreements we have with providers and global companies, which makes us an ideal choice for buying branded computer equipment, peripherals, mobile phones and gadgets.

Get to know us. Ask for us. Trust us.