Creating a Slogan is a very responsible and serious process. It completes the “signature” of an advertising message. A slogan follows the company itself forever, so it is a permanent part of its identity.

PROMiS Media gives you the opportunity to create a dynamic advertising campaign, to inform your potential and existing customers and give them a strong slogan, which they will remember for their whole life.

The purpose of this service is to create a single phrase, recognizable by the public, connected with the object of advertising, using a clever and unique marketing strategy.

The world’s greatest companies invest a serious amount of money in a correct slogan, as it is an advertising tool that makes the difference.

The result of course also depends on the way and the frequency that the message is spread, but generally a dynamic slogan spreads easily and is a good form of mouth-to-mouth advertising.

And NO: Is does NOT necessarily need to be something composite. Sometimes less is more. It needs to be special. To have something to say. Create thoughts. Feelings. Pictures.

For example, what does the slogan “Just do it!” of NIKE mean to you?

The slogan can follow your campaigns on television, radio, internet or printed displays.

Specific solutions, high standards of service and low prices for creating slogans, are the values of PROMiS Media and introduce us as a reliable solution for traders and market professionals.

We’d love to work together and promote your business in a way that you could’t even dream that would exist.

We are here. Get to know us. Trust us.