A successful marketing plan can not be one-dimensional.

It is not wise to underestimate the enormous power of the internet and the Social Media, for any kind of web promotion activities. Social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, are the ideal communication and advertising tools for your brand, with immediate and measurable results, aiming among more than three billion members worldwide.

With the explosive growth in the use of Tablets and Smartphones, now all social networks are active everywhere, in every place, every hour of the day with just a click, through mobile internet and mobile devices.

Social networks create an oasis for the immediate targeting of audience and companies are willing to advertise with as many features as possible, either free or paid. Surely a company that is not on promoted in these networks, is surely out of the game.

There are some companies that make random moves in social networking, trying to create fanpages for their presence in social media, but with no knowledge. No plan. It may sound simple, but is NOT.

But the amateurish use or misuse of Social Media networks results to:
• The incorrect placement with poor aesthetic or incomplete material, that has no specific target nor good quality. This has negative or zero impact to clients.
• The low interaction with the Target Group and Fans (friends & followers)
• The minimal or no reward of the investment in time and money
• The small targeted audience in comparison to the big targets set

In any case, the commercial use of a social network is very different from the personal use. And of course, it is governed by all applicable marketing rules.

How can PROMiS Media help your business in Social Media Marketing?

In PROMiS Media, after hundreds of successfully completed projects, we have developed dynamic strategies based on the requirements of each social network in relation to the needs of any business. Having at our disposal our privately owned and also cooperative social media, with more than 10 million members around the world, we can provide guaranteed services of social media marketing to:

• increasing the size of your Online community (Fans, Followers, Subscribers)
• targeting the desired Target Group
• the successful Brand Awareness (getting to know the audience and achieving recognition-identification of your brands with your products and services)
• prompting customers-visitors to share their opinion and to disseminate information through their own networks, creating a dynamic network of satisfied customers
• the gradual spread by “word of mouth” starting via the Internet
• increasing Customer Loyalty to persuade the customers to prefer your company over your competitors
• measurable increase in sales of your company with statistics and sales analytics

The process of Social Media Marketing by PROMiS Media

In each service of PROMiS Media, a special agent investigates carefully and analyzes the data related to the marketing plan of your business and a search for your competitors online presence.

Then, once the market research is completed, it advances in Community Building, creating your own company community of users and also providing each social network it’s specially created content (Content Creation).

This community can be created on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any other network, depending on the target to be set and the type of campaign, as well as their combinations.

The details of our research will be presented in direct consultation with you, and then we will begin the promotional activities related to each network. Their objectives will be up to your bussiness capabilites and some other factors (based on the season, the available budget, the call to action, etc.). The process is continuously monitored, to analyze the data of all advertisements, while regularly informing you with detailed reports. At the same time, the data will be compared with your own feedback (sales, customer feedback etc.).

• measurable and verifiable results based on the needs and resources of each company
• very large potential target audience with enormous possibilities of interaction
• enhancement of your corporate image over competitors
• advertising 24h / day, 7 days / week, 365 days / year
• ability to target based on several important criteria (age, sex, country, language, interests)
• with proper management, the audience remains in these networks permanently and is gradually increased

The most important thing in social media campaigns is to have something to say to your audience … and it will reward you!

If you also want to take advantage of the great power of social networks, contact us for a free counseling session and to receive a quote.

Specific solutions, high standards of service and low prices for creating slogans, are the values of PROMiS Media and introduce us as a reliable solution for traders and market professionals.

We’d love to work together and promote your business in a way that you coulnd’t even dream that would exist.

We are here. Get to know us. Trust us.